Local Georgetown teenager, E.T. Gunnarsson is an 18-year-old post-apocalyptic thriller author who suffers from dysgraphia and cannot write by hand easily. E.T. started this book when he was 16 years old, and mostly learned to read from watching and playing video games.

Forgive Us opens a discussion of humanity’s impact on the planet and about pollution. It suggests that global warming, cooling, or climate change, in general, are not the biggest dangers to the planet, but rather human waste and consumption. For fans of post-apocalyptic video games, Forgive Us brings a unique literary approach to the death of civilization and life in a wasteland.

In this post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller set nearly 100 years into the future, the earth has been decimated by pollution and civilization has fallen into ruin. The war between nature and humanity has no winner. Humanity’s drive for energy and technology was its downfall. In this polluted world, survivors fight on and endure the world destroyed by their ancestors. From what was left, they will rebuild and struggle to make a better place for their descendants.

Three time periods, four characters, each fighting for their future:

2099: Oliver, a lone rider bearing the scars of the old world, flees east into the untamed lands beyond the Rocky Mountains. He spearheads the frontier and carries the burden of civilization into the new world, destined to rebuild from the ruins. He has to survive the wasteland where the earth is toxic, and the very air itself is a corrosive poison.

2154: London, a veteran of the wasteland, shields his adopted daughter Rose from an unforgiving world. They live in a new age that’ll soon draw them into the bitter feuds between fledgling nations. London will sacrifice anything for Rose. Unbeknownst to London, they are about to be drawn right into the scourge of war.

2185: Simon, a man born and raised on the great Arcadis space station, faces suppressive pressure from The Peacekeepers and The Leaders. Ever the tinkerer, Simon needs to be careful as he breaks the authoritarian rules in the world he has to live in. Together they may be the last hope for humanity.

A compelling and action-packed novel where nothing less than humanity is at stake. For those who have read The Gunslinger and Mad Max, Forgive Us presents a similar ride that spans three generations of a destroyed earth.

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