Interior designer Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design joined Studio 512 to talk about common design mistakes – and how to fix them.

Some of Audrey’s top tips:

  • Go bold with paint colors: “Don’t be afraid to choose a bold paint color. It’s such an easy way to make a space more interesting!”
  • Avoid matching furniture: “Try mixing materials and colors in your future rather than purchasing matching sets. Allowing your pieces to contrast against one another helps the selections feel more intentional and unique.”
  • Get creative with odd spaces: “Capitalize on square footage by making the most of unique cutouts or angles in the room. A girls’ room area could currently function as a reading nook, and eventually it can be converted into a vanity space.”
  • Add multi-functional storage: “Look for furniture that can do double duty. You could turn bookshelves on their side, and add baskets to store toys in a playroom. They can double as bench seating, making them even more practical!”
  • Layer window treatments: “Layering multiple window treatments on one window helps soften a space. Roman shades layered with drapery help make the room feel warm and inviting.”

Based in Austin, Audrey Scheck Design (ASD) is a full-service interior design firm expert in transforming both residential and office environments. With more than a half-dozen years of experience in remodels and renovations, founder Audrey Scheck is passionate about working with her clients to realize their aesthetic visions across a range of projects and budgets. Audrey Scheck Design offers comprehensive service to clients, not only imagining and realizing interior spaces, but guiding the process through project management. From initial design plans, to hiring the best contractor, to sourcing the perfect materials, to decorating interior spaces and consulting on exterior landscaping and lighting, Audrey and her team serve as a liaison between each client and the contractor, as well as architects, engineers and other specialists, throughout the process. Dealing with negotiations, estimates, and all other details, ASD gives clients the peace of mind to focus on creating spaces that are highly functional and a true reflection of their style.

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