During the last year, people have been working on their homes and doing a lot of DIY. Now that we are getting back to work, you may not have as much time on your hands, so we have mobile solutions that can help spruce up the windows, doors and screens at your home.

Screenmobile Owner Nick Rosso chatted with Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry about his business and how they can help with the Texas heat.

What is screen mobile and how does it work?

“We are a mobile screen repair/replacement company. Meaning, we come to you and fix the window/door screens on-site.”

Do you do anything else besides window and door screen repair/replacement?

“Yes, we also offer motorized screens, screened-in patios, garage screens, security screens, and solar screens.”

What are solar screens?

“Solar screens are thicker meshed screens to keep the sun/heat our of your house. Solar screens usually pay for themselves in two and a half to three years based off the savings on your utilities.”

How long has Screenmobile been around?

“Screenmobile started in Southern California in 1980. There are over 120 different locations across the country.”

For more information, visit Screenmobile.com or call 737-802-4787.

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