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Is it really possible to extend the short lives of our dogs and keep them healthy and fully active even past their average life span? Dr. Brielle Weldon, a holistic veterinarian has some information on how to keep our most loyal friends active well into their senior years. Check out what she had to say about keeping our canin companions in top shape.

So Brielle, it turns out the reason our pups may have a shorter life span isn’t quite what you’d expect.

That’s right. Most pet owners may be shocked to hear this but the main cause of accelerated aging and premature deaths in canines is actually joint degeneration.

Really? I’ve always thought most dogs pass early mainly from obesity, cancers, diabetes or heart diseases.

Well, that is partially true, however, it’s actually joint degeneration that leads to all of these fatal diseases. When our dogs suffer joint pains, they tend to become much less active, causing them to use fewer calories and even experience muscle loss. This leads to massive weight gain and even obesity, and that’s when the heart complications, cancers, and other fatal diseases start happening and eventually causing premature death for our dogs at an early age. That’s why it’s so important as pet owners to give immediate support to our dogs at the first sign of seeing these joint issues.

So is it best we seek a veterinarian such as yourself to get medicine for our pets when we notice these signs?

Prescription medication has its place, but it’s not my first recommendation. Painkilling joint medications do help temporarily suppress their pain, but it does nothing
for improving or correcting the joint itself. On top of that, pain killers should be limited in use since they come with some very serious and possibly fatal side effects. That’s why instead, we here at PetHonesty have encouraged pet owners to give their pets 9 specific all-natural superfood joint nutrients our dogs need to recover and fully support their joints. You see there nutrients like collagen, glucosamine, green-lipped mussel turmeric and 5 other superfood joint nutrients that our pets need daily to keep their joints in tip-top shape. For example, most pets are missing collagen from their diet which makes up to 30% of the protein in a dog’s body for supporting bone and joint integrity. In fact, as our pets get older they lose the ability to efficiently produce collagen and other certain essential nutrients that these superfoods can supply back. Now you won’t have to do any shopping or hassle with food prep. We’ve actually combined all 9 superfood nutrients into delicious supplements to treat your dog with. It’s called “Pure Mobility Max Strength Joint Support.” So no more cooking, cleaning or even force-feeding nasty joint powders that our pets hate.

Now, how can our viewers learn more about your products and these 9 powerful nutrients?

Well we’ve set up an exclusive online special just for Studio 512 viewers. You can check it out at In addition, on our pet wellness website, I’ve posted a free canine joint health training video that breaks down those 9 super joint nutrients and we also show you step by step what to do to improve your pet’s joint health naturally.

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