With hundreds of millions of people struggling with mental health post pandemic, ‘Speak As One’ Founder Julie Korioth is on a mission to change the conversation with innovative resources, inspiring content, and monthly events.

The company’s signature product is a new line of subscription-based Mental Health Boxes. Julie’s
goal with these boxes is to address the hard truth that America is ranked the third highest burdened country in two major categories: mental health and behavioral disorders and the national average attempted suicide rate (U.S. Suicide Rate Rose 4% in 2021 after a two-year decline).

Subscribers for the boxes will receive a monthly package of curated items, tools on how to use them, resources, and a personal letter from a licensed therapist. The ongoing subscription boxes will be priced at $49.99 a month and will include a range of products to reduce anxiety, increase mindfulness, and promote peace and balance.

The company will also offer specialized boxes that are brought to life by influencers (professional athletes, musicians, actors/actresses) who share their stories on Speak As One and target specific life experiences and needs, priced from $59.99 each.

Currently, the team is developing a First Responder Box, Veterans Box, Recovery Box, and an Athlete Box. Subscriptions to the boxes will be available here.

In addition to boxes, the company will be hosting a variety of live events and sharing intimate mental health stories from all walks of life on the company’s YouTube page as well as their Instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages.

Speak As One will also innovatively partner with individual corporations. In this model, Speak As One interviews employees, provides videos for the company, and hosts private unplugged events focused on building local communities and removing the stigma of mental health. The collaboration will include monthly subscriptions for recipients of the company’s choosing.

As one of their first collaborations, Speak As One is creating a First Responders Box made possible by Storyteller Art Acevado to be released in conjunction with National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

“With hundreds of millions of people struggling with mental health, and COVID making the issue
much worse, society continues to ostracize those who openly discuss mental health issues,” said
Speak as One Founder Julie Korioth.

“I founded this company so we can change the way the world sees, discusses, and supports mental health. Our goal is to promote empathy, connectedness, acceptance, and thoughtfulness with an innovative toolkit that caters to specific needs.”

Speak as One was founded in 2019 by Julie Korioth, a passionate mental health advocate due
largely in part to her own struggles with mental health. Today she is joined by Creative Director Jay Galvan, Brittany Johansen, Director of Business Development, and is being mentored by
William Hurley “whurley,” an American tech entrepreneur and investor who founded Chaotic Moon Studios, Honest Dollar, Strangeworks, Ecliptic Capital, and philanthropic efforts including CERN’s Entrepreneurship Student Programme and Equals: The Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age.

Board Members include Chris Manning, Wick Alexander, Babita Spinelli, Wyeth Wiedeman, Steve Gibson, Meghan Stabler, Kirsten McMurray and Jason Fox.

“Startups are often lauded for their innovation and creativity. But what is often overlooked is the
mental health of those who work in startups,” said Whurley. “The pressure to perform can be immense, and the hours can be long and unpredictable. This can lead to a range of mental health issues, from anxiety and depression to burnout or worse suicide. I personally saw multiple people I’d previously worked with succumb to taking their life. This is why I wanted to become more proactively involved in the mental health space by supporting Julie and Speak As One. We desperately need to normalize the conversation around mental health, and offer more access to resources and support before tragedy strikes. Speak As One is building not just resources for better mental health, but a community that will help to eliminate the stigma surrounding openly discussing this all too important topic.”

Julie started Speak As One to offer some of the important things she wished she had while
experiencing her own healing journey; a thoughtful collection of real tools to nurture emotional
wellness and a source of inspiration through personal discussions of hope around mental health.

Julie was also inspired by her time serving as a Board member for The SIMS Foundation – a nonprofit organization that helps musicians, music industry professionals, and their families with mental health and substance use recovery services.

“The goal is to meet our audience at any phase of their mental health journey,” said Korioth. “We’re creating change and a global life-long support system for children and adults dealing with mental health challenges. We simultaneously highlight businesses, the tech community, athletes, and artists doing wonderful work in this space.”

The company’s website and YouTube channel will feature a variety of content through a live/television series on Speak As One showcasing musical artists playing an acoustic instrument and speaking about their mental health and resources. After the show is released, Speak as One will release their session as an album and donate the money for mental health research.

“We consider those featured on our website our ‘Storytellers,’ aka individuals who will share their own struggle with mental health and what helped them,” said Korioth. “The hope in doing so is that the viewer no longer feels alone in their experience and is more inclined to seek help for themselves.”

Based in Austin, Texas, the company plans to host multiple community events throughout Texas in the coming year, with a national launch during SXSW 2023. The events will consist of guest panelists, an open environment to connect with others who have similar experiences, live recording for those unable to attend, and the opportunity to purchase some of the Speak as One subscription-based product.