Today’s Friday feature is shining the spotlight on a modern woman who has recently moved to Austin, Texas. Hailing from a small town in Eastern Connecticut, Alexa Curtis knew she was different and didn’t fit into the “normal social mold.” She grew up with no money or connections, and at age seven, her father was wrongly convicted and sent to prison. When she entered middle school, she was heavily bullied. As an outlet, Alexa started a fashion blog; A Life in the Fashion Lane. At 12-years-old, her blog became a platform for her to express her feelings around everything relating to teens, body image, and mental health. Now at 23-years- old, Alexa has shifted her fashion blog to a full-time lifestyle platform that is helping others be fearless and get out of their comfort zone.

I’ve had to push through and be fearless when I didn’t know what I was doing. I learned the hard way and asked a ton of questions to get advice that helped me push through my own insecurities to my live life unfiltered and fearless.”

Alexa Curtis

Our Studio 512 Producer, Brittany Lesoon had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alexa Curtis at The Commodore Perry Estate. Alexa shares her heart, her desires, and her inspiration in helping others be FEARLESS. Take a look at this unfiltered, unedited interview!

Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis is a lifestyle website and podcast for teens and parents discussing topics such as social media and mental health.

Inspired Words Of Encouragement To Live Fearlessly

We’re living in a society where everything is instant. From fad diets to relationships to everything we want to know, do, see, and have, we can essentially get it instantly. We have Instagram/TikTok that can make you instantly viral/ famous, Instant Pot that allows you to create gourmet meals in minutes, and you can become an overnight sensation depending on what filter and post you choose. Not having to wait is not always a bad thing, but quick and convenience isn’t always a good thing. This instant gratification mindset/instant culture leads us to compare. Deep comparison is the killer of all dreams. It halts you from reaching your full potential.

When something is of value, it’s hard to come by. Usually, there is a waiting period, and in that wait… once you get it (whatever it is) adds more value and excitement as soon as you have it. Why? Because it was worth the wait. Patience, perseverance, determination, and hard work will get you far. It also allows you to appreciate the little things and be present. However, good things take time and usually don’t come easy or instantly. You can’t connect success to money or the things you have because disappointment and comparison are where it will lead you.

So, how do you live a more confident and fulfilling life?

Stop worrying about other people. Sure, this is easier said than done, but other people’s opinions do not define you. Should I repeat that? They don’t! As soon as you realize that, you will embrace the unfiltered life. You will gain confidence in tackling every challenge that comes your way, embrace uncertainly with pride, and not be afraid of trying new things. Get out of your comfort zone and be your unapologetic, authentic self. The world needs you to be you, not a copy of someone else.

Alexa has recently launched a new program called Mentor Match that matches vetted mentors with fearless young adults. There are so many reasons young people need mentors, and this program breaks it down for them. For more information, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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