Lisa Stevens, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer with Familia Kitchen, along with Kim Caviness, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, spoke with Studio 512 ahead of their company’s upcoming cookbook debut. They say, “Familia Kitchen has a mission to gather, cook and celebrate our traditional Latino culinary heritage at its most authentic and delicioso. Join us as we build a community treasury of abuela cooking and family-famous recipes from the Spanish-speaking places we come from. Let’s cook our way home—together.

“We realized there was a need to create an authentic treasury of the Latino/a/x community’s favorite family recipes and abuela cooking—grandmother cooking. It’s how families really cook for ourselves and the people we love when we’re at home.

“Nothing fancy or fussy. No extra ingredients. Just honest and súper-delicioso cooking as it really happens in our kitchens. Beginning with recipes from our good-cook moms who got recipes from their good-cook moms—our abuelas.

“We are a food and familia community for everyone who wants to cook your way home on weekends, every so often, every day—or maybe you just like to read recipes. We’ll showcase your favorite family recipes, stories, techniques, tips, photos and how-to videos of cocina y comida traditions.

“We’re also for everyone, no matter where your family came from, who loves Latino food. Let’s cook our way home—together.”

Some of the recipes Lisa and Kim mention in the “Familia Kitchen Cookbook” include:

  1. Salsa verde with pico de gallo
  2. Serrano spicy red salsa
  3. Tortilla soup
  4. Nopalitos salad
  5. Pozole verde
  6. Mezcal margarita with cucumber

“The cookbook also includes traditional favorite dishes like: tacos, ceviche, arroz con pollo, ropa vieja, arepas, flan, tres leches y muchos más. You’ll also find the first 12 winners of our monthly Familia Kitchen Recipe Contests. Plus: We will be donating a significant portion of cookbook profits to food pantries feeding the U.S. Latino community. Cookbooks start shipping Sept. 30th.”

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