Zander Caruso, Plant Pro at Barton Springs Nursery, joined Studio 512 to give viewers tips on to plant trees and shrubs during Central Texas’ best planting season, which is autumn.

Zander says, “Fall is the best time to plant reliably hardy trees and shrubs in Texas (with the only exception being woody lilies), because the ground doesn’t freeze and we’re out of the brutal heat of the rest of the year for a few months.”

Zander’s advice for fall planting:

  • Smaller plants will get established quickly, because the root ball is small, making it easier for the roots to enter the native soil faster.
  • Starting with smaller trees can be a benefit, because they are easier to cover with frost cloth if we see inclement weather approaching. Make sure the frost cloth is trapping heat by way of contact with the ground.
  • Watering plants the night before a freeze makes the plant more turgid as well as adding more thermal mass to the soil. We suggest it!
  • Liquid Seaweed is great for bolstering the cell walls of the plants as it contains micronutrients that plants normally don’t have access to.
  • Mulching goes an incredibly long way in insulating the soil and retaining water.

Zander says, “Barton Springs Nursery is a design-forward garden center specializes in native plants and makes education a priority. Our knowledgeable staff can help pick out plants that will survive even in our drought-loving climate, what will thrive best, when to plant, how to care with water restrictions in mind, and more. We uniquely offer garden design services for anything from a front flower bed to a full backyard redesign, and we have a ‘Genus Bar’ onsite to diagnose even the trickiest issues.

“Our nursery will be launching an online store featuring garden and potting supplies, plants, gifts, and more by the end of the year. Check out our website for upcoming events from yoga retreats and educational talks. The nursery also hosts large scale events onsite from weddings to wine dinners!”

Even if you never intend to flex your green thumb, Zander says that the nursery is still worth a visit. “Something to note: the nursery is not just about buying plants, but that it’s a wonderful outing and great family-friendly activity. We have ponds with fish and turtles, birds, and beautiful oak trees that provide shade, free coffee, and a little book store in the gift shop. Make sure you meet Fig (the sulcata tortoise) and Fern (the feisty nursery cat) before you go.”

Learn more about everything the nursery has to offer online, and plan your trip to the grounds.