Clear The Shelters is throughout the month of August, and Rosie joined the Experts on Call, veterinarians from Bluebonnet Animal Hospital to help us better understand our furry friends and answer pet health questions.

Why is it important to bring your new pet to the vet after adoption?

“Vets want to do a thorough exam after you get your pet to make sure that they don’t have any health issues. Most animals need a series of vaccines, so they will need to keep up to date with those at the vet.”

Is puppy biting normal and how do we stop it?

“It is very normal behavior that puppies and kittens have, however they may not realize what behavior is appropriate with humans. Some things you can do at home are discouraging roughhousing, distracting them with a toy, being firm and say “don’t bite,” or putting them in time out.”

What types of toys are best for a puppy or kitten?

“There is no perfect toy, but you don’t want the toy to be too hard and fracture the puppy’s teeth. Supervise them and see what kind of toys they like. Rubber toys are good for puppies, and for cats also, just make sure they can’t ingest any part of the toy.”

When do you switch to adult dog food?

“It depends on breed and size, and it is important to keep them on puppy food until they are done growing and each maturity. There are many options when it comes to a type of dog food, so make sure that they have a veterinary nutritionist on staff. You should be able to call the company and ask. AAFCO sets the standards of what they need, so look that they reach that standard as well. Watch out for grain-free diets. Dogs who have been on grain-free diets are susceptible to heart disease.”

How frequent should pet visits be?

“Right after adoption is recommended. Once they have received appropriate vaccines you want to bring them in once a year for a heartworm test and to do other health checks and lab work. As they get older, every 6 months is ideal. If your pet has a chronic disease or other health issues, you may need to visit more frequently.”

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