Crux Climbing Center is celebrating its fifth anniversary this summer! Crux CMO/COO Grace Nicholas joined Studio 512 to talk about how great climbing is for the whole family.

Grace says that climbing is a full-body workout: core strength and flexibility can go a long way! Stretching your arms, back and hips are highly suggested before your first class.

According to Grace, climbing is doable at almost any age! Kiddos as young as two can start with mats and pads, and kids as young as 5 can wear harnesses and climb on Crux’s bouldering walls. Crux has plenty of instructors and trainers available to make sure everyone stays safe.

There are climbing classes, yoga, fitness courses and more options available, and you can snag a summer pass for lots of fun over the next couple of months. For interested families: there’s an adaptive climbing event on July 31st at Crux South. Volunteers and participants are still being accepted!

Hours at Crux South and Crux Central start as early as 6 a.m. and reservations are no longer required. Find out about fun for the whole family this summer — while staying cool in the A/C — at