Parents are always in search of the best possible education for their children. Today we are talking about a school that understands the pursuit of knowledge is never-ending and they set the foundation for students to be lifelong learners.

Doug Sowers, the headmaster of Founders Classical Academy of North Austin, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to tell us more.

Your school is a classical charter program and you say you teach “the old-fashioned way.” What is the difference between your school and other public schools?

“Our emphasis is on human formation, not just acquiring the skills to be successful in the 21st-century global economy. We emphasize developing good character and civic virtue along with a content-rich curriculum. We use books from the great books tradition in Literature and first-person accounts of the history of the past. We discuss the beginning of the country and its founding documents. We also trace the history of democracy and representative government from ancient Greece through Rome and Europe to the birth of America.”

How is your curriculum different from other schools?

“In Grammar school, we use a phonics program called ‘Access Literacy.’ It is a phonics program that teaches students the 72 sounds that the English language makes. This program is very effective in teaching students to read.”

Is your Math program different, too?

“Yes, we use a program called ‘Dimensions Math’ that was derived from Singapore Math. It teaches students to work with manipulative, graphing, and bar models. The process is one reason Asian countries tend to score higher in math than most others.”

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