If you’re moving to Austin, new to Austin or just looking for a new place to live in Austin, then where your kids will go to school can make a big factor in your decision.

Dr. Robert Sormani, the superintendent of schools at Manor ISD, joined Studio 512 Host Rosie Newberry to talk about all the amazing things happening there.

With all the public school options available, why Manor ISD?

“At Manor ISD, we believe in learning without limits. Our scholars are equipped with the tools they need to succeed. It is often said that we develop leaders. We elevate diversity by being one of a few districts that offer Dual Language.”

“47 Languages are spoken in our district and we embrace the rich diversity that it brings to our scholars. All of our high schools offer early college programs with an opportunity to earn an associate’s degree. Many of our scholars graduate with industry-based certifications such as culinary, auto mechanic, and cosmetology, to name a few. Not to mention we have award-winning fine arts programs and two competitive athletic programs that compete in UIL divisions 6A and 4A.”

Wow, that’s a lot! Thank you for elaborating. Can you tell our viewers, what a day in the life of a scholar at Manor ISD looks like?

“Every scholar in our district starts their day with a free healthy and nutritious breakfast because we offer all of our scholars a free breakfast and lunch. We also pride ourselves on a low, optimal student-to-teacher ratio. This allows scholars to feel like they can learn in a welcoming environment, where teachers can be more attentive to their needs.”

“Our classroom style mirrors what scholars will see in the workforce and/or college environment. Lastly, we make learning fun. Whether it’s project-based learning, artificial intelligence, robotics or our culinary students are preparing their next five-course meal. At Manor ISD, scholars feel that their environment is tailored toward their interests.”

That sounds exciting. How many schools does Manor ISD have?

“We have 18 schools: 1 Pre-K school that includes an in-district child development center geared towards our youngest learners, newborn through four years old. That’s right we start early! Overall, we have eight elementary schools, three middle schools, five high schools, and our newest Kindergarten through 8th-grade school, Manor Rise Academy.”

Kindergarten through 8th grade, all under one roof, that’s interesting, can you tell us more about the Manor Rise Academy?

“Manor Rise Academy is a Tech Prep academy that will be open this August. We are currently enrolling scholars in grades Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 6th grade for the 2023-2024 school year. This will be the first public school for Kindergarten through 8th grade in Central Texas and it is located near the intersection of Highway East 290 and 973, which makes it easily accessible. Because this school is the first of its kind in our area, we have huge plans for its success. The Manor Rise Academy will offer one of many pathways for our scholars to choose from.”

You mentioned Tech Prep, can you tell us about that program and why it’s important?

“Tech prep is much like our Project Based Learning (PBL) environment where it provides real-life experiences that prepare scholars for college and careers. It’s important because our area has become the nation’s hub for technology. We are home to Samsung, Tesla, Applied Materials, and other high-tech companies.”

“Tech Prep focuses on the skills and certifications needed to join these high-paying/high-tech companies right after high school. With the opening of Manor Rise Academy and the redesign of Manor High School and Manor Senior High to become P-Tech Learning environments, we are developing our future tech leaders. My message to high-tech companies is this. Your future workforce is in your backyard.”

So how can one enroll in Manor ISD?

Go to the website at ManorISD.net. If you are new to our district, complete our interest form and someone from our team will reach out to you, or simply begin the enrollment process, our website provides a step-by-step process.”

We’ve talked about enrollment, but are you hiring?

“Yes! We are hiring for all positions. Manor ISD is a family environment. We have the small-town feel where staff looks out for one another. We are currently the highest-paid district in Central Texas and we offer an optimal student-teacher ratio, with yearly bilingual and special education stipends. We also grow and develop our own. From a CDL to a Bachelor’s degree with a Teacher Certification, we believe that it’s never too late to learn without limits.”

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