During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents became educational tutors and were faced with the challenge of reading bedtime stories, storybooks, and other educational materials to their children. That is where the new educational app Edsoma stepped in to help children and their parents with a virtual solution.

Kyle Wallgren, the CEO of Edsoma, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to tell us more.

How did you come up with the idea for Edsoma?

“During the pandemic, I was not able to travel from Texas to Canada to see my children who live in Canada with their mom. My daughter missed me reading bedtime stories to her and so I wanted to find a solution to still have interactive reading time with her. I was looking for a solution but could not find the right product, so I created it and Edsoma was born. In the process of developing I found out, what a massive reading problem exists in America among both kids and adults, so we created voice recognition and word identification technology that corrects the reader when a mistake is made during the read aloud and breaks the word down when the app detects the reader struggles with a certain word.”

The pandemic has affected young school kids’ reading levels. Does Edsoma help get kids back on track?

“Absolutely, for parents, Edsoma is like an electronic reading tutor. For school, it is also a great tracking device that monitors the kids’ progress in real-time.”

The app has made a great impression at SXSW in Austin this year, where it was already named among the “top five brands to see” while you were still in the beta testing phase. What is planned next?

“We’ll go fully live and obviously would like to have as many parents download our app as possible, but we also seek strong school collaborations. We already signed up with several schools and are looking forward to being part of many pilot programs, so Edsoma can turn as many young kids into strong early readers as possible.”

To learn more about Edsoma and how it can help you and your child with reading, go to Edsoma.com.

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