Whether you’re planning a weeknight menu or your next tailgating party, it doesn’t have to put stress on you or your wallet. Food and  lifestyle expert, Carolina Tarazona, has some easy and delicious recipes guaranteed to impress everyone at your next get together.

When i’m hosting friends and family, i want the experience to be easy, budget friendly and of course, mouthwatering….my secret?


This is my one-stop-shop for all my fall essentials…you get  quality, convenience and unbeatable prices! 

Lets get this party started!

First stop…Walmart’s fresh and colorful produce section. Look at the range of beauties here, with all different types of fresh fruits and veggies, many sourced from local farmers. These gorgeous white button mushrooms are going to be perfect for my mushroom poppers paired with a grab and go Marketside avocado ranch salad kit.

Walmart makes it easy to find everything on my shopping list– look for their private brands…great value and Marketside. I picked out this Marketside grass fed ground beef. For our cornbread chili jars, the cutest, coziest fall recipe yet! A big time saver for me…Walmart has great canned and premade food options from great value so its perfect for when you are in a pinch. Lets get some chili seasoning, canned tomato sauce, and premade cornbread…and move right along!!

On my game day menu, mini meatball mac and cheese. And no…you don´t have to share! Just a few simple ingredients–

Fresh pork italian style meatballs….great value rigatoni…dijon mustard and finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese…trust me, this recipe is going to score big with everyone!

This is so my happy place….and between you and me….i also treated myself a sweater…gotta entertain in style!

Ok, party people, let’s get this fan favorite menu rolled out….starting with our stuffed mushrooms. Mushrooms make it so easy to elevate any recipe– plus they’re great for bulking up every day meals and ramping up the nutrition and rich flavor. I love that mushrooms  contain important nutrients like selenium and b vitamins like niacin. You can blend them into other meals. Making a 75/25 blend of lean ground beef to mushrooms is an easy way to ramp up the veggie factor in any meal, from breakfast to burgers. I’m adding the blend to chili– just watch the flavor and the nutrients stack up.

Finally, an easy make ahead meal for the week ahead or a true party pleaser– these mini meatloaves with Marketside organic ground beef combined with some earthy, shiitake mushrooms which rounds out the protein with  plant based perfection! Just bake them off in cupcake tins and brush with Walmart’s Great Value bbq sauce. Easy peazy!

Together, we ‘tackled’ an epic party  spread– talk about a touchdown!

For more amazing mushroom recipe ideas head on over to mushroomcouncil.com, and everything you need for easy every day meals, visit walmart.com.

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