School has started, we are back in the swing of things, but we can’t say goodbye to summer without an official send-off….cue Labor Day weekend.

Katie Taylor of Spray Paint and Chardonnay always has the cute how-to’s. She dropped by to get us ready for the holiday with spray painted water dispensers, baskets, and table runners. She also showed us how to make a simple wine bottle tiki torch. You start with a clean wine bottle and tape it off with painters tape, then spray paint in your choice of color. After it dries, remove the tape, then partially fill with aquarium rocks to keep the torch stable. Add tiki torch fluid to the bottle. Next, wrap a 3/4″ x 3/4″ brass male sweat adapter with electrical tape at the bottom. Thread a tiki torch wick through and place it into the bottle! For more awesome ideas on DIY, interior design, entertaining and fashion, check Katie out at