From food to decorations there are all kinds of Halloween fun your little ghouls will love helping you put together. Allison Mack of Austin Mom’s Blog gave us an easy list of snacks and activities to get us excited for the spooky day. Kids love having their artwork framed, or something to hang up on their door. You and your little ones can have a blast making q-tip skeletons. Dab the q-tips with glue, and stick them on construction paper to make a skeleton. Another fun art idea is using your child’s feet to make ghosts. We used white chalk paint and wrote, “Trick or Teat” and “Smell My Feet.” The snacks Allison brought with her included vampire donuts. Any party store will have plastic vampire teeth. We stuck those in the middle of the donuts, and added edible eyeballs. Mummy dogs were another fun treat that used hot dogs and crescent rolls. Just wrap the hot dogs like a mummy with the dough and bake them in the oven. The last snack was a creepy mouth held together with a toothpick. We took two apple slices and smoothed peanut butter over them, and in between the apples, we put marshmallows to make it look like teeth.Go to for more on their upcoming events, to become a member or to check out their calendar.