Summer break for students and teachers is winding down. To help ease the return to the classroom, Austin Habitat For Humanity ReStore is having a Discount Day for all teachers. Here to tell us all about it is Erica Brown and Silvia Cruz.

Can you tell us about the new Discount Day for teachers this fall?

“Yes, starting Thursday August 3rd, we’ll be offering teachers in Central Texas 20% off all in store items and online 20% off all soft line items including clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products.”

There’s also an ongoing partnership with Austin Habitat for Humanity and local ISD’s am I correct?

“Austin Habitat for Humanity in partnership with AISD and Taylor Morrison are working together to solve the home affordability crisis in Austin. By doing so we have communities that are built/being built for those who qualify for our program.”

Silvio, can you tell us more about this partnership? 

“Yes, this is a new, and promising relationship with AISD and Taylor Morrison that we have worked diligently to solve the affordability crisis here in Austin, especially for Teachers and those who work for local school districts who have been priced out of their own community. This partnership allows us to help those families who qualify in safe and affordable housing.”

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