Lance Roberson of joined Steph to help identify plants that look rough now but have quite possibly survived the recent freeze.

Avocado Tree In A Pot (brought into the garage during severe weather)- There are 3 kinds Indian, Guatemalan, Mexican have different cold tolerances. Mexican Avocado tree has the lowest around 19 degrees so it’s likely this tree will survive. As a reminder, water potted plants well before a freeze.

English Ivy or Jasmine- overwinters in areas that reach -20⁰ so it will be fine, younger plants take damage, especially in pots, and then vine adapts and will grow back with a vengeance. Leave the dead vines alone for at least a month or longer.

Sod – freezing is not good for sod root growth, so while freezing may not kill the sod, it will basically stop root growth meaning a longer “grow in” period where more water and care is needed, and other factors may be the culprit of problems, (Fungus etc that are common in our mild winters)

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