Puja Mistry Kapoor with H-E-B joined Rosie again this week to continue a conversation about healthy eating habits for your children.

What are parents responsible for in terms of healthy eating and what are kids responsible for?

Parents are responsible for providing the food while it’s the child’s responsibility to choose the foods they want to eat and how much they want to eat. It can be confusing because parents sometimes want to put food on the plate and have their children finish their food. A more healthy relationship is going to be to let children to have the freedom or liberty to choose what they want to eat. When children “finish their plate” they don’t think about if they feel full and listen to their bodies cues.

You also want people to try and change their terminology around “good” and “bad”.

When using certain words your child starts absorbing information about potential “bad” foods they can start to feel guilt about what they’re eating and it can lead to more emotional eating and it can really change their relationship with food. A better way to think is that all foods fit in moderation. You should enjoy food at a birthday party or celebration without thinking of it as good or bad. It goes both ways though – if you eat nothing but fast food and then one apple you’re not really getting that balance.

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