The Austin area continues to expand at an ever-rapid pace and more people means a greater need for housing as well as schools. Del Valle ISD has announced three new schools in East Austin’s eco-friendly community Whisper Valley.

Dr. Annette Tielle, the superintendent at Del Valle ISD, and Dr. Alex Torrez, the chief workforce officer at Del Valle ISD, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us all about this exciting announcement.

How did you choose Whisper Valley for the location of your future schools?

“The north side of our school district is a very fast-growing area. As land prices increased and progressively became more difficult to acquire land, Del Valle developed a relationship with Taurus Investment Holdings — the developer of Whisper Valley. We are very proud of that partnership and the opportunity to build our future schools in this beautiful master-planned community as we strategically plan to accommodate our growth,” Dr. Tielle said.

What is the timing for these schools and where will they be located in Whisper Valley?

“We plan to start our second Del Valle ISD High School right away. We will break ground in early 2023 on a 78.1-acre parcel of land near the intersection of Braker Lane and Taylor Lane. This high school is designed to be a state-of-the-art Texas 6-A campus and will serve approximately 2,400 students. It is scheduled to open in August 2026,” Dr. Tielle said.

“Another 71-acre site in Whisper Valley will accommodate a future elementary school and middle school, but the exact timing for those to be started will depend on the rate of growth of the area, so has not been determined.”

Can you share some of the special programs for the high school?

“Our school district is highly focused on innovative technical training, so we have a strong CTE program to prepare our students for careers in technology, manufacturing, and other highly skilled job opportunities in the Austin area and beyond,” Dr. Torrez said.

What about the facilities?

“It will provide 420,000 square feet of academic classrooms, a fine arts facility, and a multipurpose facility along with administrative services and maintenance facilities. It will also feature a spacious self-contained student courtyard that gives the high school a college campus feel. It will feature modern architecture with the extensive use of brick, stone, and metal materials. The 45-foot-tall main entrance will feature large spans of glass which will provide an abundance of light and openness. The campus will have a football stadium, track and field complex, tennis courts, baseball and softball stadiums, soccer fields, and a performing arts venue,” Dr. Torrez said.

How will your schools fit into this unique and eco-friendly Whisper Valley Community?

“We plan to work closely with the developer of Whisper Valley and will use similar eco-conscious principles in our buildings surrounded by an abundance of indigenous landscaping and plant materials in support of this sustainable community concept. We are also planning to use a geothermal energy system to heat and cool our schools, greatly reducing our carbon footprint,” Dr. Torrez said.

To learn more about the cutting-edge technology used not only in the homes but also in the new Del Valle Schools in Whisper Valley, go to

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