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Inflation and rising interest rates have caused many Texans to struggle with overwhelming credit card debt and personal loans. Forbes reports the average credit card interest rate at a staggering 28.05%. While many Texans are burning through their savings to keep current on their credit card payments with hopes of lower interest rates in the future, some have fallen behind. Collection lawsuits are on the rise, so if you are a few months or more behind on your payments, don’t be surprised if you receive a summons to court.  Whether you are in a situation where you keeping up with payments but the balances never go down, or you are struggling or behind in payments, there are solutions to consider.  

Debt Consolidation Loans 

The first solution if you have good credit is a debt consolidation loan to potentially lower your interest rates, have one monthly payment, and protect yourself from future rate hikes. Just be careful not to reload your credit cards after paying them off with the debt consolidation loan. Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief can help you shop for the best debt consolidation loan using their affiliate platform of lenders.  

Credit Counseling Debt Management 

If you do not have good credit and are either currently making payments or up to 6 months behind, a credit counseling debt management program is an option to lower the interest rates on existing credit card debt and some personal loans. You cannot make further charges on your cards, but the lower payments may free up enough money to no longer need credit to cover your basic living expenses. This could have you debt-free in around five years instead of potentially a decade or much longer, making minimum payments.   

Texas Debt Relief Program 

Debt Redemption provides its Texas Debt Relief program exclusively to Texas residents. The program utilizes debt negotiation/debt settlement to negotiate substantial reductions of your credit card balances. This may be the best solution if you want to avoid bankruptcy and need to the lowest possible monthly program payment while resolving the debt in the shortest amount of time. Depending on your budget, a program is often calculated between an estimated 24 to 48 months but could be provided a lower or higher estimated term depending on your hardship. The monthly payments are often less than half when compared to minimum payments. It is also important to consider that Debt Redemption’s Texas Debt Relief service is offered to Texans with 40% lower settlement fees than most out-of-state debt relief services.  

About Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief  

Deb Redemption specializes in resolving very high debt of $30,000 to well over $100,000 of credit cards and personal loans and is offered exclusively to Texans. The company is state-licensed, 100% veteran-owned, Accredited, and highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. Read reviews of other Texans they have helped by clicking on the BBB logo on their website. Consultations with a Texas Debt Specialist are free with no obligation, so call 800-971-4060 now to start the path to debt freedom.  

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