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Tim says, “Many people are living paycheck to paycheck. It looks like there are a few more rate hikes on the horizon. Two or three months down the road, you may see the effects of these rate hikes on credit cards, which could put some over the edge. Come to us sooner, rather than later, so that you have more options.”

1. Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans are an option for those with good credit and a low debt-to-income ratio. This option may provide you with a lower monthly payment compared to high-interest credit card payments. Plus, you will be able to pay off the debt faster and lock in a rate that will not be affected by future rate hikes. Affordable Debt Consolidation provides an affiliate platform of lenders to help you shop for the best loan. However, there are two additional options to consider.

2. Credit Counseling Programs

A credit counseling debt management program will lock in lower interest rates with most credit card debt. By making one payment to the credit counselor, the firm will distribute the money to your creditors. This means a new loan is unnecessary to consolidate your debt. The advantages of paying the debt off sooner and having a potentially lower monthly cost compared to making high-interest credit card payments carry some of the advantages of a debt consolidation loan. However, this is a hardship program, and you will not be able to make further charges on your enrolled debt, which would be counterproductive to any debt management.

3. Affordable Debt Consolidation’s Texas Debt Relief

By using debt settlement, you are not taking on a new loan, and you are not utilizing a credit counselor to lower your interest rate. Instead, your principal balances are negotiated in a program that is often as short as 24 to 48 months, although programs can be structured longer or shorter depending on your budget and goals. Since your balances are negotiated to save you a substantial amount on your principal

balances, the program payments may be less than half compared to minimum payments on high-interest credit card debt. These are hardship programs, so your credit is going to be negatively impacted unless you are already delinquent. However, because these programs can be completed relatively quickly, you can begin rebuilding your credit once your debt is resolved, and your improved debt-to-income ratio may provide you with more purchasing power. The quality of the company that you hire will also be a factor in your outcome. Be sure to research any company with the Better Business Bureau and ready complaints. Companies located outside of Texas often charge Texans enormous fees for these services. Affordable Debt Consolidation’s Texas Debt Relief program offers 40% lower settlement fees compared to most out-of-state services.

Affordable Debt Consolidation provides Texans with solutions with regular appearances on Texan news, morning, and lifestyle shows dedicated to helping Texans relieve the burden of overwhelming debt. Affordable Debt Consolidation is 100% veteran-owned, highly rated, and Accredited by the BBB and has been serving Texans for 20 years. Since they exclusively serve Texas residents, they provide their Texas Debt Relief service for 40% less compared to most out-of-state debt relief companies.

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