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Our official legal partner of Studio 512 is DC Law and Dan Christensen is here to give us some knowledge about commercial vehicles and insurance.

Do Commercial Vehicles and 18 Wheelers have large insurance policies and does that mean your going to be covered if they get in an accident with you?

Commercial vehicles which include vehicles like Rideshares like Uber or Lyft or a company van or even an 18 wheeler typically do have larger policies. The companies and the insurance carriers behind them aren’t just writing checks. The policy should offer coverage if the company is at fault and you need to make sure you have representation that is experienced in these types of cases and not just simple car-wreck cases.

What are the first things we should do if we are involved in a wreck?

You want to call 911 immediately and get the police there and have them documenting the scene and investigating what happened and if someone is hurt you want to get the EMT’s there to help. Once everyone is taken care of it’s important to document the scene yourself. Take many different photos and get contact information for witnesses. Often times during a company collision the company driver will have either the company rep or an insurance adjuster or an attorney at the scene.

What can someone do after an accident to ensure they obtain just compensation?

Go to the best doctors and hire the best lawyer. There’s a big difference in both – you want to hire the right folks to be in your camp when you’re trying to recover. We’ve been doing this for 25 years so we know the best doctors in town are to help in your recovery and since this is all we do we can help get you the most compensation possible.

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