Since 1997 Dave’s Ultimate Automotive has been the area’s trusted source for professional car care! Today we are at Dave’s to talk to Brad and Michelle.

What would you tell a person who believes that the dealership is the best place to take their vehicle?

We do it faster and for less money than the dealer in most cases. Does anyone remember thinking “Wow, that was a great experience!” any time they have been to the dealer? Here at Dave’s, we are focused on creating those “Wow” moments for our clients. 

How does Dave’s Ultimate Automotive battle the industry stigma of taking advantage of women?

First, let me acknowledge that is absolutely real and a challenge we love to stay in front of. The most important way to navigate that is with transparency. We utilize todays technology to provide tangible visible facts paired with real human empathy to help our clients feel like they are part of the whole process of a service visit. 

Why is it important to have a relationship with Dave’s Ultimate Automotive now?

Vehicle repair and service mirrors the medical industry in a lot of ways, and just like our bodies, there is a lot that goes into maintaining today’s vehicle. On average, a vehicle owner will see significantly less expenses over the life of a vehicle when they have a shop they trust handling all their needs before a problem comes up and the types of breakdowns are less catastrophic.

Take It To Dave’s for the ULTIMATE experience. They’ve got locations all over The Austin area. You can learn more at

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