Tim & Terri Lasater of Daddy’s Barbershop joined Rosie to tell Studio 512 viewer’s more about the business.

Can you tell us more about Daddy’s Barbershop for those who haven’t been?

“Daddy’s is an award-winning, gay-owned barbershop that first opened in San Francisco’s historical Castro District. After 15 years of business serving the LGBTQ+ in San Francisco and Palm Springs, we decided to expand to our home state. We officially opened an Austin location in early February. At Daddy’s, we still believe in the art of “old-school barbering,” which we provide to people of all genders.”

Talk to us about your family and how y’all got into this business?

“All of us (Terri, Tim, and Arlen) are Texas natives. Arlen moved to San Francisco in the 1990s and quickly became involved in the city’s LGBTQ+ community. He joined the Board of Directors for the Folsom Street Fair, which is an event that’s part of San Francisco’s “Leather Pride Week.” He worked security for the fair for 10 years, protecting the LGBTQ+ community in the city. When he was in his 40s, Arlen decided it was time for a career change, and went to cosmetology school for barbering. He was the only male in the class, so his classmates called him “Daddy.” He opened his own barbershop after 3 years of apprenticing at another San Francisco shop and called the his own “Daddy’s Barbershop” in honor of the nickname. Daddy’s isn’t just a barbershop – it is an official safe space for LGBTQ+ locals, and that will continue to be true at the Austin location.”

What prompted the decision to open in Austin?

“Daddy’s was incredibly successful and a major tourist spot in San Francisco for almost 15 years. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced hundreds of business to close in the Castro, also wiped out Daddy’s San Francisco location. Luckily, our Palm Springs location survived. While we never stopped thinking about San Francisco, we wanted to create a new era for Daddy’s – and return to our home state. Austin seemed like the perfect choice, especially because Tim and Terri have been Austin residents for decades. In many ways, Austin is a sister city to San Francisco, with a thriving LGBTQ+ population that we think we can create a safe space for and build the same sense of community we did in San Francisco.”

Y’all practice “old school barbering,” can you talk to us more about that and what y’all’s offerings are?

“We offer everything you’d expect from a top-quality barbershop: high-and-tight haircuts, beard/goatee trims, beard sculpting, hot towel shaves, bald/skin fades, buzzcuts, scissor cuts, gray-blending, line-ups, chest trims, back trims, clean-ups, and more. We don’t focus on the hip trends and fads – we’re in it for the long run, and we provide top-notch services that will never go out of style.”

Can you talk about the storefront’s history?

“The new Daddy’s shop is in the heart of east Austin. Our storefront was originally constructed in 1914, and it was home to the Pierce brothers’ meat-packing business. After that, it was taken over by Cisco’s Bakery and Restaurant, a historic Austin staple owned by business legend Rudy Cisneros. We wanted to pay homage to the city in the structure of our storefront, so we’re using reclaimed wood from the Capitol fire of 1983, and the Texas French Bread fire that occurred last year inside the space.” 

Can you tell us more about the mural?

“We’ve commissioned a mural by local artist and trans-activist, Xavier Schipani, that will be featured on the outside of the building and greet Daddy’s customers as they come in.”

Daddy’s is an official LGBTQ SafePlace. What does that mean?

“Daddy’s volunteers its store to serve as one of Austin Police Department’s SafePlaces. This means we have committed to help victims of hate crime report their stories to APD. Interested businesses can learn more about becoming an APD SafePlace at www.austintexas.gov/page/how-businesses-can-participate. “

Anything else you want viewers to know?

“Everyone is welcome. Always. Being a Daddy is a state of mind.”