Chelsea Phillips of Tiny Tails To You joined Steph and Rosie with some adorable, costumed animal friends and some spooky animal facts. And guess what? Their monthly animal story time events at Book People are finally back!

Tiny Tails to You has been providing this animal storytime event at Book People for hundreds of guests each month since 2011 but had taken a break since 2020.

The animals are celebrating Halloween all over town this weekend at events from local neighborhood parties to larger fall festivals at Riverbend Church and Life Dripping Springs Church.

Tiny Tails is now letting guests order (non-restrictive) tiny hats for animals at their events. Because the only thing cuter than these animals is the animals in tiny hats.

Here are some of the costumed friends Chelsea brought on the show:
• Knuckles “Mr. T” Tortellini, Red-footed tortoise, as a “Tortoisauras”
• Baby chicks, buff orpingtons, as hula dancers
• Hogg the Bounty Hunter, hedgehog, as a ghost
• Smokey, chinchilla, wizard
• Waffles, bearded dragon, skeleton
• Tuxedo, Holland Lop rabbit, bunny burrito
• Panda, guinea pig, panda
• Mary Poopins, silkie chicken, cowgirl

Book People storytime is 10:30 on the third Thursdays of each month

If you’d like to book Tiny Tails to You for your next party or gathering, learn more about their services at