The Roosevelt Room is launching all-night happy hour on Mondays and Tuesdays for its new cocktails to-go program. You can get 20% off on all cocktails and snacks for to-go and delivery by using promo code: HAPPYHOUR!20.

Orders must be submitted through their website on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday ONLY to apply this discount.

Photo By: The Roosevelt Room

The Roosevelt Room’s to-go cocktail program is available seven days a week, with pick-up between 12-8 pm and delivery between 4-8 pm. 

Orders can be placed over the phone at 512-494-4094 or online HERE with very specific ordering instructions, including:

  • You MUST BE 21 years of age to order any Alcoholic Beverages! Orders containing Alcoholic Beverages require a minimum purchase of one food item.
  • Deliveries are made within a 25-mile radius of The Roosevelt Room each day between 4 pm-8 pm, with two windows of 4-6 pm & 6-8 pm available to choose from. Delivery fees may vary according to distance.
  • All orders for same-day-delivery must be placed by 3 pm. Similarly, any alterations and/or cancellations to orders for same-day-delivery must be made by 3 pm.
  • Please note that merchandise and gratuity add-ons are available within the online ordering link. You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to add gratuity to your cart as a separate purchase before you complete your order. 

At-Home Cocktail Procedure For The Cigar Box:

Photo By: The Roosevelt Room

Step 1:  Grab an Old Fashioned glass.
Step 2:  Fill your glass with one extra-large ice cube, or with a few large- to medium-sized ice cubes.
Step 3:  Remove the bottle of Cigar Box batch from your freezer and give it a gentle shake.
Step 4:  Measure and pour  2.5 ounces of the delicious Cigar Box batch into the glass.
PRO TIP: Be careful not to hit the ice cube(s) as you pour that liquid gold into the glass.
Step 5: Give the cocktail a brief stir if you wish, so that everything in the glass can get to know each other.
Step 6:  Garnish with a Cinnamon Stick.
PRO TIP: If you wish, toast one end of the stick with a lighter until it starts to smoke, but do not insert the burnt end of the cinnamon stick into the drink, unless you want your drink to taste like an ashtray.
Step 7:  Take a sip and enjoy. Cheers!

Pro Tip For Lion’s Tail:

Photo By: The Roosevelt Room

You can keep your Coupe glass(es) stocked in the freezer, then pull it out when you’re ready to enjoy a cocktail.

Each batch cocktail bottle comes with “At-home Cocktail Procedure” instructions including glassware suggestions, serving suggestions, and additional Pro Tips from The Roosevelt Room staff.