Knoxy Knox of Set for Success is focusing on more than romantic love in the month of February! She told Studio 512, “In honor of this beautiful day of love, I am talking about the best way you can receive love: by cultivating it first within yourself, and then surrounding yourself with a sisterhood of soul-aligned women, who can lift you up and reflect the love back to you.”

How do we do this?

“Here are my tips for creating the love within yourself first:

  1. Treat yourself the way you would want a significant other to treat you. I.e. every time you walk past a mirror say, ‘Hey beautiful! You look amazing today!’ The idea here is to get our nervous systems ready to hear these amazing things when they come from a partner or significant other.
  2. Date yourself! Buy yourself the flowers, light the expensive candle, open the special bottle of wine, take the weekend trip for yourSELF! Get into the high vibration of love, freedom, exploration and adventure, and begin to radiate this positive energy out into the world – it is SO magnetic!
  3. Start your day with a dance. Put on your favorite, most motivational music, and dance it out, right when you get out of bed. This will get the energy flowing, and will start connecting you to your divine femine essence, that you can then take with you throughout your day.
  4. Write a list of 125 things you love about yourself, and read it daily. Remind yourself WHY you are so uniquely amazing. Create an unshakeable sense of self love and self worth within your own body, mind and spirit.
  5. Lastly, surround yourself with even more love, in the form of a supportive community of women who are also living in the high vibration of self love, confidence and authenticity. When women are together, in support of one another, reflecting back the love, wisdom, and empowerment we all need – massive shifts can happen in all of our lives.”

“I have a new group program for women, Next Level NOW! This program is launching in March. It is for the woman who has been doing the work, and feels a little stuck. She is ready to break free from limiting beliefs, clear energy blocks and step into the fullest version of herself, both personally and professionally- all in a beautiful community of like minded, soul aligned sisters!”

Set For Success is an online video course that will teach female-identifying creatives how to launch and scale their business in a way that will protect both them and their work. “My desire is to empower women in under-served communities to take control of their careers by de-mystifying the business creation process in a way that is both entertaining and digestible.

“In the video modules, I interview leading industry professionals in the fields of legal, finance, marketing, insurance and emotional intelligence to deepen the impact and add value to these conversations. It is everything I wish I would have known when I started my own business 14 years ago. I am proud to say that when my customers invest in themselves, they also get to directly impact the lives of women-in-need; as a percentage of proceeds goes to benefit The Jeremiah Program, an incredible local nonprofit aimed at ending the cycle of poverty two generations at a time.

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