We are here at our good friends Crow’s Plumbing Service with Service Manager Tory Crow to learn all about how they can help you with all of your plumbing problems. So let’s find out what Crow’s Knows!

Tory, having a water leak is not just a problem with damage but the smallest leak can be a huge drain on your pocketbook. Tell me a little more about the leak detection service you folks provide.

“At Crow’s, we do actually specialize in this type of service as far as equipment and experienced staff. With a senior staff that has focused career-wise on water leak locating and providing training to field staff as well, we can cover many complex issues locating hidden leaks via experience and advanced equipment to diagnose and repair leaks whether on water lines or actually drains.”

What can homeowners do to be proactive about detecting hidden leaks without calling a plumber out regularly to test?

“Great question, currently we are in an excellent place in time where we have all kinds of technology to help out with this. We have been receiving a lot of calls recently related to leaks from customers in certain areas that were picked up on these newer digital water meters that cities are slowly switching to.”

What other pieces of technology exist out there to help out with saving water?

“Well, currently we’ve discussed detecting the leaks that cannot be seen, and of course, repairing the ones we can, but there are other things we can be proactive about. One of my favorite pieces of equipment we install, and have been for years to save water, is a system to provide hot water much faster so we save water waiting less time for the water to get hot!”

Crow’s Plumbing Service is a family-owned and operated business and they are always prepared to deliver the results you need at prices you can afford. Give them a call at 512-88-CROWS or check them out online at CrowsPlumbing.com.

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