Studio 512 intern, Manthurs Oseni, had the opportunity to talk to twin entrepreneurs, Jahmaal and Jermaine Dumes, who are founders of a popular Pflugerville Cajun spot called Down South CaJJun Eats. For those unfamiliar with their cuisine, you can taste the best of Texas/Louisiana culture with great food options, starting with their iconic crawfish boils, chicken & waffles, sandwiches, pasta, vegetarian delicacies and much more!

The brothers were inspired to get into the food business during their time in college, having hosted cook outs, which brought people together to share their passion for food and the opportunity to make some money. Down South CaJJun Eats is also known for the events they put together every season, aimed at creating a social space for people to commune and enjoy satisfying meals. Jahmaal and Jermaine are planning get-togethers for Easter, Memorial Day, Juneteenth and more, in addition to weekly events like Ladies’ Night and Sunday Funday. All their event dates and times can be found on their website.

Spring is crawfish season, and Jahmaal and Jermaine have some great tips on creating the best seafood boil! Hint: it starts with well-seasoned boiling water (and a good amount of butter). Thinking about stopping by to get a taste for yourself? They are located at 15630 Vision Drive in Pflugerville. Follow them on Instagram @CaJJunEats, and check out their website,, to learn more!