A fun conversation led to the search for a delicious yet simple cocktail full of flavor. That conversation happened between friends Julie & Ally resulting in what is now known as Southern Concoctions.

Julie Coleman and Ally Linscott, the co-founders of Southern Concoctions, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry at a GFO Home located in Whisper Valley to showcase their products and demonstrate how they work.

They both discussed Southern Concoctions and how it came to be, how it works including how long mixes last once infused, flavor options and bestsellers, holiday gift sets, where people can buy Southern Concoctions in stores and online, and more.

You can order your gift set or learn more at SouthernConcoctions.com.

This segment is paid for by Southern Concoctions and is intended as an advertisement. Opinions expressed by the guest(s) on this program are solely those of the guest(s) and are not endorsed by this television station.