Studio 512 is live at KXAN on Friday, July 16th, raising awareness about the Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive. Rosie and Steph have some tips and tricks on other items to keep you cool this summer!

  • Rosie recently floated the river in San Marcos. She wants to remind everyone about plenty of sunscreen, as well as bringing a koozie, some rope, shoes that can’t get sucked off your feet (Central Texas rivers have muddy spots) and to leave your phone somewhere safe, away from the water.
  • If you’re not into floating the river and you would rather drive around the pool or lake, we have a fun floatie option that’s “Dad Approved” (Thanks to our boss, Koko for taking on the tough job of trying out this battery powered pool lounger!) Check out the Splash Runner 2.5 it allows you to relax while cruising around in the driver’s seat. The Splash Runner 2.5 has battery powered propellers for easy relocation on the water and it also has a built in cup holder for your favorite drink.

Our KXAN news partners are rounding up some great summer content, including “How To Set Up A Kiddie Pool!” You can also find Studio 512’s article about the best local pools for a swanky staycation on