Clear The Shelters is throughout the month of August, and Rosie joined veterinarian Experts on Call from Bluebonnet Animal Hospital to help us better understand our furry friends and answer pet health questions.

What does it mean if your cat starts urinating frequently around the house?

“Usually, this is a sign of stress. This typically happens in male cats. This can require immediate attention, and is common in middle-aged or younger cats. In older cats, it could be a sign of an infection.”

How do you socialize a pet before its vaccinated?

“It is important that puppies are fully vaccinated before they visit public places in order to prevent parvo and other potentially fatal diseases. However, it is also important for puppies to socialize with other dogs. Vets recommend letting them play with dogs that you know have been fully vaccinated. Also make sure you expose puppies to lots of different types of people. Make sure you get them out into lots of different sights, sounds and smells to make them a well-rounded adult dog.”

How can you help a pet with anxiety?

“There are supplements that include pheromones that are calming to pets. You can use zinc tablets or powder supplements as well, and positive results are often found with these. You may find these products at pet stores or online. If over-the-counter supplements don’t work, then it’s time to consult a vet to see if they can prescribe something to help your pet through stress.”

How do we make sure our pets are comfortable visiting the vet?

“For cats, start with their carrier. Keep the carrier in a public place and let them get comfortable with it. You can even feed them in their carrier or use a pheromone spray. With a dog, you can do a “happy visit” where the vet can just pet them and give them treats during a visit, so dogs don’t only associate the vet with bad feelings. If those techniques don’t work, you can talk to your vet about next steps.”

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