The heat has broken! With cooler nights and milder days coming, it’s time to sweep out that container of our clutter…the garage. Sara Fritsch, owner of Moxie Space Professional Organizing, spoke with Studio 512 about tips and tricks to help.

Sara and her team have written a blog on this subject. Find it here, and find key points summarized below:

Zone It Out

“Once you’ve sorted and edited your belongings, designating zones for all your big categories will help you A.) find your stuff and B.) keep things in order. Some common zones we’ve created in garages are:

  • Household backstock
  • Tools
  • Gardening & lawn care
  • Seasonal décor

Wall Space Is Your BFF

“Garages tend to be large open spaces, so use all those empty walls to create the storage you need. In other words: get everything up off the floor! Here are our favorite ways to do this:

  • Shelving: There are tons of shelving options available, so there’s a solution for just about every budget. We love using lower cost, easy-to-assemble industrial shelving for a quick fix, but you can also opt for more customized, built-in storage. You can even install hanging storage from the ceiling, so don’t forget the space above you!
  • Wall track systems: These are great for hanging bikes, scooters, gardening and cleaning tools – really anything! – for easy access and visibility.
  • Pegboards: We love pegboards for keeping tools and utility items within reach.

Durability + Uniformity = Happy Garage

“When organizing your garage, you want to choose storage solutions that are made of durable materials:

  • Metal shelving is sturdier and will last longer than plastic shelves. Avoid storing items in cardboard boxes – they deteriorate and attract pests! Instead, look for hard plastic bins with sturdy locking or latching lids.
  • We also recommend using uniform bins and the same style of shelving whenever possible. You’ll reduce visual clutter and keep your garage looking neater and more streamlined.

Our Favorite Products

“These are the products Moxie Space’s professional organizers turn to again and again when we organize garages for our clients:

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