Which of you have stood in front of the beauty counter and felt overwhelmed at the choices of products you find there? Or you just aren’t seeing the results from your products you want to see? In all likelihood, what you’ve chosen isn’t what you actually need. Dr. Alina Sholar of Skin Science Soul explains,“ When you study why people choose products, they normally do so based on marketing and packaging, and oftentimes also by it’s fragrance, but those are all the wrong reasons to choose a product. Those things mean nothing when it comes to the health of your own, individual skin.” Patients often then finds themselves in a medspa asking for help with their skin, but they are given something off the shelf solely based on a “skin type.” Still, this doesn’t address the real need of the client, and too often these products are not able to deliver results, even if they are “professional-grade”. Dr. Sholar says, “The beauty of what we do is what we call skintelligence- understanding that every person’s skin is unique. This is of utmost importance when we treat it.” She continues, “Unlike traditional “custom” skincare, we recognize there is more to your skin that just “oily”, “dry” or “combination.” Genetics, lifestyle, and life stage impact your skin’s biochemistry- all going on in complex processes behind what you actually see in the mirror on the surface. So, we take a deep dive into the unique physiology of your skin. We give you truly intelligent skincare.”

STEP ONE: The Exclusive SkinRx Analysis. It turns out, deciding what treatments are right for you doesn’t have to be a matter of guesswork. Dr. Alina Sholar uses the exclusive 2-part SkinRx Skin Analysis using Dermalab and Observ to determine which treatments would bring the most benefits to her patients. Dermalab’s system is a biometric measurement device that can track multiple factors affecting your skin like elasticity, transepidermal water loss, hydration, collagen loss, and sebum production. Observ Optical Analysis is a state-of-the-art skin analyzing system that can help skin doctors provide an accurate skin condition diagnosis. This device offers readings of pigmentation and texture not only of the epidermis or outer layer of skin but also the dermis, the layer just underneath it. The system takes sophisticated photographs of the skin, digitally analyzing them to show patients their trouble spots and give doctors a place to start when planning treatments. This system can uncover hidden issues and catch possible health problems along the way. The SkinRx system involves a scientific approach that determines the root causes of issues you may have with your skin. From there, Dr. Sholar creates a treatment plan based on the SkinRx findings, your lifestyle, and your preferences.

STEP TWO: Custom Clinical Treatment Plan. The skin experts at Skin Science Soul discuss with you your skin health history as well as the SkinRx discoveries, provide product and treatment recommendations, and then together you will create your plan. A plan may simply include proper skincare products and custom facials, but can also include advanced treatment options like microneedling, platelet-rich plasma, peels, lasers, ultrasound, or radiofrequency to smooth, brighten, and tighten your skin. You can even sign up for a no-fee membership subscription that acts like a “layaway plan” so it’s all easy on your budget.

STEP THREE: Treatments & Home Care. Dr. Sholar goes the extra mile. Based on the SkinRx findings, she utilizes products with advanced growth factor technology, skin-wholesome probiotics, and Dermaviduals custom-formulated, bespoke skincare products that she creates right in her office apothecary to suit each patient’s unique skin needs. When you take advantage of Dr. Sholar’s expertise and the “skintelligence” at Skin Science Soul, you can create a better, more youthful appearance for yourself.

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