The art you put on your walls can give your home personality. Your art should reflect your tastes and can be the jumping off point as far as colors and inspiration for the décor in your room. Raquel Skrobarczyk with Heather Scott Home & Design stopped by Studio 512 to say that there are 4 things to keep in mind when shopping for art:

  1. Medium: There are so many art options available, and of course, different mediums. There are originals, reproductions, giclees, and other art pieces to choose from. Originals are typically the highest price point. Reproductions, giclees and other framed pieces are typically mid-level priced and more suited to most people’s budgets. Most recently, Raquel has even had clients frame the covers of their favorite books.
  2. Size: This is probably one of the most popular questions people ask. You don’t want your art to be too small. Think about your ceilings are they high, voluminous, vaulted ceilings allowing for a grand painting, or low -where a shorter
    canvas height with landscape orientation might work best? Just remember – to be on the safe side, GO BIG! In looking at the overall wall space dimensions, your artwork should take up two-thirds to three-fourths of the wall. Here
    is the rule of thumb when hanging over furniture like a sofa, table, fireplace mantle, etc.: The art should be three-fourths the width of the furniture and hung 6″-12″ above the top. It is that easy!
  3. Color: You should love what you put on your walls. Art is the perfect way to introduce your favorite colors, or help tie a space together. If you want to keep your space feeling light and serene, you would look for washed out colors, or
    a mix of neutrals to mimic the feeling of the room. If you like color, punchy pieces with a mix of color you will have different color options to pull from when you are selecting other accents like lighting, pillows, and window
    treatments. Rather than picking art last, keep the colors you want in mind first. It will make your room so much more cohesive.
  4. Subject: The most popular subject for art is abstract art or abstract landscapes. They are timeless, make a space stylish, and tend to work in most homes. For example, if you like coastal spaces, or live by the water, there are lots of
    tasteful ways to showcase this. Whether it is a photo of your favorite place, your favorite musician, or pastime, art can make your home feel more personalized to your interests.

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