It’s trick-or-treating time…but as well all know, this night can end up turning into a sugar binge! For some better-for-you treats, we brought in lifestyle expert, Erica Brennes, of the “Real Mom, Real Tired” blog.

What are your tricks to providing healthier treats for the kids tonight?

For busy moms like me, I want easy and better for you snacks on hand for my children. A must-have for me is Brainiac Kids Whole Milk Yogurt because it supercharges kids’ developing brains with a food they love. The brand’s whole milk yogurt is the first kid-friendly food that includes a proprietary blend of brain-building nutrients including omega-3 DHA, ALA and choline. Each serving of Brainiac™ Kids helps ensure kids get more of these nutrients in their diets, as most aren’t getting the levels recommended by experts like the World Health Organization. And, an added parenting win Brainiac™ Kids yogurt cups, tubes and drinks have less sugar and more protein than other kids’ yogurts, with all the goodness of probiotics. You can find them at Walmart and Central Market locations.

What do you have to snack on or that can help make meal-time simple, easy and fun after a night of trick or treating?

Halloween snacks need to sustain us before, during and after a fun-filled night. A must-have for me is La Victoria Organic Chunky Salsa. You can top it on these zombie chicken burritos for a quick post-trick or treat meal for the kids or you can serve it at a Halloween party in a spooky way and pair it with your favorite dippable! These chips and salsa monsters are perfect for tonight’s festivities.

LA Victoria offers a delicious line of authentic, flavorful Mexican sauces and salsas inspired by a century-old family recipe. La Victoria is a pioneer of the clean eating trend— their exciting flavors, clean foods and simple ingredients make it an easy choice! Be on the lookout for their USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO salsas! You can find them at your local Kroger and Randall’s supermarkets.

And where can we find more information about you, Erica?

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