When going back to school families are too busy to worry about the latest cleaning prices.

That’s why we joined the award-winning TV host Tregaye, who teamed up with Ecolab to show people how they can make informed decisions about which places they choose to visit and why they can count on a Scientific CleanTM.

Chef Tregaye is the host of OWN Network’s Tregaye’s Way, and is the Season 12 winner of Food Network Star. Her new cookbook is called “Kitchen Conversations.”

As a mom and professional chef, why is cleanliness so important?

When you see an Ecolab certified seal you know you’re getting a clean and safe product for your customers and your kids.

What goes into this higher level of cleanliness?

Ecolab’s comprehensive program was developed by scientists and experts to help businesses and more practice cleaner and safer practices.

What makes a location “scientific clean?”

If a location is marked scientific clean, you can be assured that they are meeting the standard of science-based protocols, products, employee training, and periodic audits by Ecolab specialists. If they meet all of the requirements they can earn the certified seal.

Why is the Ecolab Science certified seal important?

As a restaurant owner, you want this seal on your window so your customers can feel confident that they can dine there.

What’s next for you?

Head to ChefTregaye.com to learn more about her tour dates in a city near you.

Where can we find more information?

Head to ScienceCertified.com.

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