Talia Bennick, founder of non-alcoholic botanical cocktail brand Crisp & Crude, rejoins Stephanie and Rosie to celebrate the upcoming holidays with a seasonal non-alcoholic cocktail recipe – the OG Apple Crisp. Talia also shares her top tips for mindful drinking during the holiday season, and what to do if you experience hangxiety (aka hangover anxiety) during the holidays, or better yet how to avoid it.

Crisp & Crude is a local Austin brand crafting naturally mood-lifting, non-alcoholic botanical cocktails. Crisp & Crude can be purchased online at crispandcrude.com or at retailers, including Fresh Plus, Tiny Grocer, and Farmhouse Delivery and at local spots, like Picnik, Vintage Books & Wine, and Jester King.

If you’re hosting various holiday events and are looking to be inclusive with your drink options – look no further for a non-alcoholic cocktail that checks all of your boxes. Try “OG Apple Crisp.” Created by the Crisp and Crude team, “OG Apple Crisp” includes OG Tonic, apple cider, and various seasonal garnishes. See recipe here.

With the holidays approaching, hosting extended family and stressful end-of-year business, it’s common to find yourself over-indulging, and waking up with a hangover. Many experience hangxiety (aka anxiety while nursing a hangover). Talia shares why we can quickly find ourselves spiraling with anxious thoughts after a night of drinking, what’s going on chemically in our bodies that leads to hangxiety, and her top tips on mindful drinking to keep you balanced and prioritizing wellness during the holiday season.
● Tip #1: Try one non-alcoholic drink in between every alcoholic drink. (Bonus points if it’s lower in sugar.)
● Tip #2: Set yourself up for success the next morning with a light schedule and relaxing rituals (like a warm bath, meditation, or long walk).
● Tip #3: Be aware of the scenarios or people that generally activate stressful feelings, and consider limiting alcohol (or going alcohol-free) in those circumstances to avoid hangxiety the next day.
● Pro Tip: Bring your own mocktails or other NA beverages to a holiday gathering, and you’ll be more likely to drink less.

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