Monique Capanelli, owner and principal designer at Articulture, chatted with Studio 512 during Natinal Indoor Plant week.

Articulture is a plant and botanical boutique, with original plant art made in-house. They offer succulents, cacti, tropicals, houseplants, living walls, terrariums, furniture and jewelry.

Monique had a couple of tips for anyone wishing to keep an air plant alive (Rosie struggles with this task!):

Tillandsia Care

  • “Once wet, more water doesn’t do a thing. Wet ‘em and leave ‘em.
  • If easy, best method is submerging in water for several hours, once every two weeks
  • If not possible, mist with water bottle (hose if outdoors) about once a week.
  • If you missed a cycle, don’t worry, and don’t try to make up for it.
  • Watering too often can make the center area rot, so don’t overfuss.
  • If the tips of leaves are “pinching up” and you haven’t watered recently, it’s time to water.”

Articulture is offering a Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop on Saturday, September 24th, from 8 a.m. to noon. Monique says, “Join us in the Articulture Gardens for a day dedicated to wellness of the body and mind. During this magical retreat, you will learn Gentle Hatha Vinyasa with restorative poses, Pranayama, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Introduction to Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, Doshas and nutrition and enjoy Superfoods, Juice, and an Ayurvedic meal created by Stardust Superfoods and Yoga. Your instructor will be Sarah Barlow, a certified Ashtanga and Hatha yoga instructor, nutritionist, Ayurvedic chef, and founder of Stardust Superfoods & Yoga.”

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