Celebrate The Start Of School With A D-I-Y Kindercone!

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Austin I-S-D starts school tomorrow, and maybe you’re looking for some last minute ways to celebrate student’s big first day. Adeina Anderson of Creative Lifestyles joined us this morning to talk to us about back-to-school D-I-Y and must haves.

Top 5 Must Have Items For Back To School
1.      A Cool Water Bottle – The number one item on the back-to-school list was a Hydro Flask Water Bottle. Not only is it number one on the list of back to school must haves, it’s also number one on the “things kids lose” list.
2.      A Great Backpack – Let the kiddos pick it out, but make sure it meets the requirements for the school and the kid.
3.      Bentgo Lunch Box – The Bentgo Box was the number 2 must have for back to school. It’s a take on the Bento Box from sushi restaurants. Every food item has it’s own little spot, and doesn’t get mixed with other items. It’s perfect for healthy meals and parents and kids both love this one. The kids get to eat a healthy meal with things they like. These Bentgo lunch boxes make life easier for mom and dad. They can prepare it ahead of time and get the kiddos out the door and off to school much easier.
4.      Hand Sanitizer – Staying clean and safe is on all of our minds. But for parents sending their kids back to school, some things are different. Hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and tissues all fell under number 3 must have. You could even create a small bag with all of these items in it, so they are easy to find.
5.      Crazy Fun Stickers – This is one thing I was very happy to see on the back to school must have list. I loved stickers when I was in school. It was a great way to personalize your things. It was also a great way to keep track of what was yours and what was your friends. I found some fun stickers, and I found some great quote stickers. The quote stickers are perfect for inspiration for the kids, especially those first few weeks back to school.

How To Make Those Clothes Last Longer

This was such a fun project for me to do. I remember as my kiddo was growing from year to year, he would mainly grow up and not out. I added a couple of inches to all his clothes, and it was a major money savor, even if it lasted for only a couple of months. I am known as the no-sew gal, but if you know how to sew, it may be easier to do this with a sewing machine.

Items Needed

·        No sew glue
·        No sew fabric glue strips
·        Hot glue gun
·        Flannel fabric
·        Lace
·        Fun materials the kiddos like
·        Scissors
·        After School Snack Ideas

1.     Add some lace trim to the bottoms of the girls shorts and bottoms of the girl’s shirts by using hot glue, fabric tech glue, or binding tape, it is safe in the washing machine on cold and I would just air dry any of them.
2.     For the boys’ clothes, I cut strips of flannel and created a hem and glued it to the inside of the jeans and the inside of the shirt.
3.     Be sure to let the kids pick out the lace and flannel so that they are excited to wear the clothes, the girls may love the flannel too, as it is really in style this year.

How To Create Your Own Back To School Kindercone
Creating the back-to-school Kindercone is such a great way to surprise your kiddo with their school supplies. You can make it as big or small as you want. This is a very inexpensive craft to create, and you can make it out of different kinds of paper. I used card stock, but you could use construction paper, or even newspaper.


1.                Tape 4 pieces of paper together, sealing all the ends.
2.                Roll the taped paper into a cone.
3.                Tape the cone in place.
4.                Cut off the top of the cone to even it out.
5.                Place 3 – 4 pieces of tissue paper into the cone and tape the sides to hold it in place.
6.                Fill the cone with school supplies, snacks, and games or toys.
7.                Tie a bow with the ribbon around the tissue paper to seal it.
8.                You can also let the kids decorate their cone with stickers or paint.

 For More Back To School Ideas, check out www.creativelifestyles.tv

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