National Queso Day is September 20th! Studio 512 is celebrating with Cabo Bob’s Burritos. Partner and Chef, John Stepan, joined Rosie to talk more about Cabo Bob’s.

Tell us about Cabo Bob’s. What makes your menu unique?

“We love our menu! Cabo Bob’s is a ‘Build Your Own Burrito’ restaurant, with flavors inspired by our owners’ time living in Los Cabos. We use made-from-scratch, fresh-pressed flour tortillas in four flavors (Ancho Chili, Buttermilk Flour, Smoky Cheddar, Cilantro Tomatillo). We have homemade sauces and salsas, fish tacos, grilled steak and chicken cooked on Kamado Joe grills that use all-natural BNB charcoal, pure cane sugar sodas…and of course, the best queso that money can buy.”

What’s your favorite way to eat Cabo Bob’s queso?

“I love our queso with a scoop of pico de gallo and some 66 Red Sauce. You can use a chip or a tortilla to eat it. We’ve received feedback from customers that our queso is good enough to drink! We think that better queso demands a better chip, so our chips are fried in the store throughout the day.

“Queso is also a feature of our brisket nachos, which we’re very proud of: we were chosen by the Austin Chronicle in the ‘Best Brisket Nachos’ category! We’ve also won many awards for our burritos. Most recently, we were named ‘Best Burrito in Texas’ by a publication called Far & Wide. The selection was based on customer reviews.”

How is Cabo Bob’s involved in our community?

“We love to give back. We donate auction baskets, food, coupons and swag through the donation request form on our website. We donate taco bars and nacho bars for Teacher Appreciation Week, local high school sports teams, UT and St Ed’s organizations, and more!

“We also host profit shares at all of our stores for schools, nonprofits, sports teams, and similar organizations. We give back 34% of event sales to organizations after every profit share.

“Mental health is really important to us. We did our first mental health campaign this year in May and raised $33,120 within our restaurants to donate to the Amplify Center in Austin. In addition to that we had vendors, friends and families who donated directly to The Amplify Center.”

2 new Cabo Bob’s stores are coming to the South Austin area. See Cabo Bob’s full menu online and check them out on social media for updates.

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