Josh Frank, the owner of the Blue Starlite Drive-in ATX, joined Rosie to talk about the history of drive-ins, the history of Blue Starlite, and what they are doing for drive-in day at Mueller Blue Starlite.

Tell us more about the history of drive-ins?

The first drive-in opened on this day in 1933 in camden NJ by Richard Hollingshead, Jr. 

It is said that he got the idea from his MOTHER who claimed the seats in her car were more comfortable than the seats in a movie theater!

What inspired you to start your own drive-in theater?

I needed money to take a gal on a date. I was in-between jobs and was actually thinking of leaving Austin to be closer to my family and a bigger Jewish dating pool in DC. it was 2009. Then I met Jess and realized I should stay and see where it goes. Glad I did, we got married and now my two children Austin Joseph Frank and Lucy frank come with me to our drive-in and help me work!

What are you doing to celebrate drive-in day?

We are showing movies tonight on a Tuesday when usually we are not open! and I’M making all my guests our hot glazed donut holes.

What movies do you have on the lineup right now?

The new Spider Man movie both downtown and at Mueller, Goonies, Grease, Back to the Future, The Notebook, The Sandlot, Heavyweights, I Know What you did Last Summer and much more. also coming up is THE FLASH.

Y’all also have some exciting news to share with us this morning about a new location. Tell us more!

Yes, we are in the final stages of securing out next location which would be a BIG BIG upgrade from our current Mueller location, 4 times the size and located a bit north of our current Mueller location to give our Round Rock and north patrons a much easier and convenient trip to their favorite non walled cinema in central TX! Downtown will remain our south/central location!

You also want viewers to know that they can do private rentals this summer. Tell us more about this.

Yes we have so many private event options! Nightly we have our very popular 1 and 2 car downtown city view screen for the most incredible date night in TX. and we have group privates available 7 nights a week at both locations we always have a screen available to put aside for a special occasion. 

Anything else you want us to know?

2023 marks the 90th anniversary of the birth of the drive-in so we will be celebrating that ALL YEAR LONG!

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