Studio 512 is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by going green: Melinda Thoms, Operations Manager of HausBar Urban Farm, chatted with Rosie about what sets the farm’s “urban oasis” apart.

She says that Dorsey and Susan, the farm’s founders, started the project to supplement a restaurant they owned…then decided to become full-time farmers! HausBar sits on two acres on Govalle Avenue.

“We have never used gas-powered equipment at HausBar Urban Farm. We dug 51 garden beds with pitchforks and shovels; we mow our yard with donkeys and solar-powered lawn equipment; we use no pesticides of any kind; we only use fertilizer we make ourselves by composting our animal manures and leaves; we have 30,000 gallons of rainwater collection storage and a 35-foot-deep well so that our animals and our garden never receive city treated water of any kind. Our electricity, 50% of it anyway, comes from the roof of a solar-paneled pole barn. We recycle religiously and compost fanatically.

“We adore our farm animals. The ducks and hens who lay eggs for you roam our farm playing and foraging all day long. They eat a diet of bugs, greens and herbs from our garden, and sustainable, locally-milled, non-GMO, corn and soy-free feed. Our two miniature donkeys, Rose and Julian, protect our animals from predators, help maintain the pasture and provide constant entertainment. And Gustavo the goose, last but certainly not least, leads farm tours, fosters baby ducks and writes children’s books.”

HausBar has teamed up with Lick Honest Ice Creams – an Austin original – for a special St. Patrick’s Day treat. “We have been a local sourcing partner for Lick for a long time. We partnered with them to make this Peach Leaf Graham Crunch flavor for the week of St. Patrick’s Day, through March 20th. It’s made with bright green peach leaves from our farm to create a beautifully green almond-flavored ice cream, folded with homemade cinnamon crumble for a uniquely Central Texas treat! Guests will be able to enjoy a sweet, green treat made with local and honest ingredients. Lick will also offer a special add on of house-made green whipped cream that can be put on top. It’ll also return to shops again later in the summer!”

Peach Leaf Graham Crunch is available at any of Lick’s three Austin-area locations: Burnet, Mueller and Lamar Union.

Melinda says to expect an overhaul with HausBar’s social media and web presence soon. In the meantime, anyone can order from HausBar’s website! Just use the password “donkey” (all lowercase) to gain access to the site. Order online at