Laura Stuart of Laura Elizabeth Jewelry joined Studio 512 Host Rosie Newberry to talk about Galentine’s Day along with Valentine’s Day.

What is Galentine’s Day?

“It’s a time for women to get together and celebrate their friendships! It’s often celebrated on February 13. It’s not just for singles! The day originated from NBC series “Parks And Recreation.”

What is Valentine’s Day to you?

“It’s a reminder to express love. I used to call it a ‘Hallmark Holiday.’ You can express love to anyone in any way.”

What is Laura Elizabeth doing for Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day?

“It’s hard to know what to get someone. I have a gift guide on my website. If she’s a cook, I have earrings made from spice; if she’s into nature, all my cuffs are made directly from nature; and if she is a minimalist, I have stud earrings. Not sure whether she’s a silver or gold girl? I have two-toned earrings, and if she’s a mama, I have durable necklaces.”

“Speaking of mama-friendly necklaces, one of my favorite necklaces, the Heart necklace, is 20% off for Valentine’s Day.”

What are you personally doing for Valentine’s Day?

“I’m planning on cooking dinner with my man and taking an evening walk (if the weather permits).”

Where can we find Laura Elizabeth?

You can always find LEJ online, on Instagram, etc. On February 9, I’m doing a permanent bracelet party at Good Company at their 12th and Lamar store from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.”

What are permanent bracelets?

“Permanent bracelets are very much a trend right now. I measure and weld the bracelet to your wrist, versus using a clasp. You also have the option of adding a charm!”

What if we can’t come to Good Company on Feb. 9, but want one?

There’s a sign-up form on my website to have a permanent bracelet party. You just need 10 or more friends. I’ll come to your house and we get creative there!”

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