Elevated Wellness is not just a CBD company but a pharmacy managed company founded by Pharmacists and Doctors. All of their products are made locally in Austin, TX within their state of the art certified pharmaceutical laboratories allowing for the highest level of quality control.

As a consumer how would I know if CBD would be beneficial for me?

CBD is a natural wellness supplement that can provide increased health and wellness benefits to anyone but the key is choosing the right type of CBD based on ones individual needs. There are many different types of hemp derived products and understanding the differences can be daunting to the average consumer. Finding accurate information on the internet can also be a challenging task due to the amount of misinformation found on the web. We strongly encourage consumers to come into an Elevated Wellness store or to one of our Pharmacies so we can help educate you on the different types of products offered and what we would recommend you try based on your individual goals, needs, and desires. Our mission as a healthcare provider owned and operated company is to ensure our products are making a truly meaningful difference in our customers lives and we stand behind this by offering a full money back guarantee on all Elevated products.

Are there any potential side effects associated with CBD intake and could taking CBD cause me to feel high or fail a drug test?

There have been many studies published that confirm CBD intake to be safe and well tolerated even at much larger daily doses than any general consumer would ever take, without the risk of negative side effects. There are formulations however, specifically THC containing products, that may cause minor drowsiness. As far as the risk of psychoactive effects or feeling high this is something based specifically on the content of THC, not CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring compound that is completely non psychoactive. THC is a different naturally occurring compound that can cause psychoactive effects. The federally legal limit of THC content is set at a maximum of 0.3% because studies have confirmed that ingesting less than 0.3% of THC will not cause any psychoactive effects. With this said, it is important for consumers to know that taking any product that contains any amount of THC could cause them to fail a drug test regardless of not having any psychoactive effects. For this reason we produce extremely high quality CBD products that contain 0% THC and these products will not put anyone at risk for failing a drug test.

Do you have any tips that consumers can look for that might help them know if they are choosing a high quality CBD product?

Absolutely, at the minimum, quality CBD products should contain information on the packaging that includes:
1. the extraction method used in making the product is identified (look for CO2 or all natural solvent methods)
2. Third party lab results which include not only the cannabinoid content but also pesticides and heavy metals testing. Companies are not required to perform these expensive lab tests but lab testing is pivotal in ensuring safety and quality.
3. Batch or Lot #s
4. Ensure the product your purchasing is made in the USA and states “made from US-grown hemp”
5. The product identifies the type of CBD contained within the product and identifies THC content
6. All natural only, avoid any products made from synthetic ingredients or contain artificial ingredients, CBD should never be any color other than a golden brown to darker brown and should always have some translucency.
7. NEVER, purchase off Amazon, Amazon only allows hemp seed oil containing products which is NOT the same as real hemp oil
8. Quality CBD is expensive to produce, don’t fall for the lower price, it’s likely too good to be true!

Give us a call at Elevated Wellness at in the triangle off Guadalupe or visit us online and will ensure you are educated and able to choose a product that will actually work for you!

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