Mary Leighton, Founder & CEO of Camp No Limits and Rachel Kubicki, Executive Director of Hanger Foundation joined Steph and Rosie to talk about Camp No Limits and their partnership with Hanger Foundation.

Tell us more about Camp No Limits – What is it? Why is it so special?

o   CNL is just for kids who were born with limb difference or have undergone limb loss.

o   In addition to all the fun parts of camp, CNL offers OT, PT, education from prosthetists, and peer support from trained adult amputee mentors.

o   CNL is not just for the kids, but also for the families. 

How did it begin?

o   Camp No Limits started in 2004 with just four camp families. 17 years later we have grown our program and operate in 11 locations nationwide. We have goals to continue expansion and look forward to growing! 

Camp No Limits made it’s Central Texas debut this past weekend, tell us more!

o   This is our first ever camp in the Austin area.

o   We had more than 20 kids from Central Texas right here at the YMCA in Buda, where they bonded with other kids like them, and learned new skills such as swimming, rock climbing, biking and more.  

What made you all decide to come to Austin?

o   There’s a need for CNL virtually everywhere.

o   We have a close-knit relationship with nationwide prosthetics provide Hanger Clinic, who have their national headquarters and several clinics right here in Austin.

o   Since the beginning of CNL, Hanger Clinic prosthetics and peer mentors have volunteered at every camp.

o   Additionally, the Hanger Foundation funds a scholarship program that enables many of our kids and families to attend. 

For viewers who want to get involved in the Foundation, what should they do?

o   Visit to donate or find a camp near you.

Tell me more about the Hanger Foundation?

o   Our mission is to empower people with physical challenges to live life as fully as possible.

o   Our mission aligns with Hanger, Inc.  / Hanger Clinic, which provide orthotic and prosthetic care and services all around the country. 

How does the Foundation support CNL?

o   The Hanger Foundation provides scholarships that allow families to attend Camp.

o   100% of families attending CNL Austin are Scholarship recipients!

o   In total 80-90% of families who attend CNL annually are Scholarship recipients

For viewers who want to get involved in the Foundation, what should they do?

o   Visit to make a donation or contact the Foundation to get involved.

o   We also have Move to Inspire later this month they can sign up to attend virtually. WEBSITE:

  1. Move To Inspire is the annual fundraising and awareness event for the Hanger Foundation.
  2. Funds from the event allow us to provide Empowerment Grants throughout the US and support our diversity efforts for the O&P profession.
  3. Last year Move To Inspire raised $43000
  4. The live event will take place at EmpowerFest April 23rd, where more than 150 amputees/people with limb difference and event volunteers / staff will enjoy a 1k/5k event
    1. Note: EmpowerFest is a national patient event for people with limb loss or limb difference, where attendees can discover the power of shared experiences and support from an uplifting community, try events and activities like horseback riding or cooking classes designed for upper limb amputees, and learn from world-class prosthetists and peers. This year it’s being held at the Hyatt Lost Pines near Austin.
  5. We will host a mobility clinic Friday with event honorary chair Zach Friedley (Zach is a lower limb amputee himself who loves running). Hanger employees from across the country join in supporting everyone at EmpowerFest by participating virtually in their hometowns.
  6. Hanger Clinic is again providing the match for all registrations and donations.