Tedi Serge of Girl Powerful chatted with Studio 512 about their Girl Powerful affirmation cards, which are written to promote self-talk and build self-esteem.

How to play: pull a card and say the bolded affirmation out loud, then follow the prompt. Examples include making short-term goals for the month ahead, telling yourself “I love you” in the mirror, writing down your best traits and remembering times that made you feel happiest. Tedi says Girl Powerful aims to work on talking and treating yourself with kindness each day!

Tedi formed Girl Powerful with her sister, Sonya. They’re offering scholarships to online after-school classes, where tweens and teens get one-one-one attention and relationship-building (Rosie has even been a speaker for a session!). Girl Powerful’s mission is for all girls to feel seen, valued and heard when they need it the most. Learn more about Girl Powerful on their website.