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Studio 512 talked with Kalologie MedSpa about EmSculpt, which has a different approach than other muscle-building treatments and techniques on the market.

“Emsculpt is the first device FDA-cleared to build muscle and kill fat by utilizing electromagnetic energy to stimulate significant muscle contractions in the target body area. Exercise alone activates approximately 30% of the muscle fibers, Emsculpt unlocks 100% capabilities. So the patients achieve rapid, long lasting muscle growth in just 4 – 30 minute procedures, while killing fat, as a byproduct of the treatment! Patients are much stronger too after Emsculpt, which helps with improved athletic performance via more endurance / strength, as well as daily functionality.

Emsculpt is the ONLY muscle building device with science to back it. In fact, there are 15 clinical studies, extremely high Real Self ratings, and over 500 before and after photos online! In fact 10 of those studies show, beyond a doubt, that Emsculpt is killing significant fat. So, it really is a 2 in 1 procedure, meaning maximum results and value to the patient. No other muscle stimulation technology is even discussing or attempting to address fat.

EmSculpt is FDA-approved for your abdomen, buttocks, calves, arms, thighs.

There is a very wide range of candidates for EmSculpt: anyone with a BMI of 18-30, to start. Also those that want to reduce a little bit of midsection reduction. Anatomically, anyone can benefit from the buttock procedure to lift and add volume. Even very fit, lean patients love Emsculpt because it adds more definition and volume! It is truly a versatile machine for many body types!

There is no downtime for treatments. Patients may feel mild soreness a day or two later. Emsculpt itself involves NO gel, needles, numbing, or pain. It is truly as non invasive, and easy as it comes, with regards to body contouring services.

The treatment plan is 2x a week for 2 weeks, or once a week for one month. Results begin to actualize 2-8 weeks after the last procedure. Clinically, we see a 16% muscle gain and 19% permanent fat reduction. These numbers increase to 21% and 27% respectively as time goes on! Even better, you can do monthly procedures to enhance and elongate results! This is truly remarkable and has created a paradigm shift in the aesthetic space.

Overall, staying hydrated and having some daily activity, even walking, will only help to expedite your results. It is a perfect time now to get Emsculpt, and transform your figure before that planned beach trip this summer!”

Kalologie MedSpa is keeping Austinites looking and feeling their best. Learn more at, or on Facebook.

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