Are your eyebrows looking a little overgrown and unruly lately? Brow and microblading expert Kara Sanchez has some easy tips to keep you in top shape with some brow basics.

Every day on Instagram Kara is getting DM’s from desperate clients. Their brows have officially entered ‘overgrown mess’ state and they’re dangerously bored at home with 24/7 access to their tweezers!!!! We could have another 1990 on our hands before this is over! So Kara wanted to show you the right way to maintain your brows when you can’t see your usual Brow Guru:

You’ll need:
• Tweezers
• Tiny scissors
• Brow Pencil
• Brow groomer razor

  1. First, fill in your brow using the Golden Ratio method which is the most universally flattering measurement for all face shapes (see segment above for method)
  2. Brush your brows upward and trim just the tips of any that are a little wild or high. If you have really long, unruly brows, you can also brush them down and do the same but try not too… that can cause patchiness when really you can take care of it with Brow Gel.
  3. Tweeze in the direction that the hair grows and be sure not to take any hairs that are within your pencil line.
  4. This step is optional but it makes a difference, especially on blondes and redheads. Use a personal brow groomer and clean up all the peach fuzz around the brow. The trick to this is holding your skin taught and working down, in short, light pressure movements like this.

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